Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles

From the beginning of life, families nurture the capacities that children need to be successful in life. We, in the Early Years Family Resource Centre, have the unique opportunity to play an important role as a partner along the way.

The Early Years Family Resource Centre is a place where you – children, parents & caregivers – are our priority. The following principles guide our centre and how it operates in our community:

1. All families with children prenatal to age 5 are welcome every day in every way in a safe, accessible, sensitive environment, at no cost to families.

2. We provide credible programs, resources, and services to help families be healthy, well and connected.

3. Our focus is on the early years, a critical period of brains development. As a child’s first and most important teacher, parents and caregivers are the best people to choose appropriate programs for their families journey.

4. We lead with our ears. We respect and act on what families say, providing programs based on best practice and community data.

5. Children and caregivers are partners as they play and explore together, building brains and capacity one on one. Centres support children to learn and grow and caregivers to be the best they can be.

6. We respect values, beliefs, traditions and cultures of all families and commit to growing our understanding and awareness of those we serve.

7. Community partners work together to build strong relationships with families for the benefit of children.